Marilor SPA offers:

  • La Culla di Olos – is a Holistic Approach to the complete arrangement of equipment and wellness. Cabinet is a place outside the time. We will find there the bad which emits a steam esspecialy for aromatherapheutic therapy . During every treatment the synergy of several factors is use: aromatherapheutic steam, colortherapy, relaxing music, special massage techniques, and excellent care of natural cosmetics “ OLOS line”. All this creates a warm atmosphere, allowing the full relaxation and brust of positive energy.
  • Golden pool with specially monitored water,hydromassages and a waterfall is an ideal place to recuperate after a day full of force sensations. Trained lifeguards constantly ensures the safety of bathers and if necessary they are ready to give swimming lassons.
  • Salt Cave – Constructed of resin wood and salt bloks from the oldest in Poland Salt Mine “Bochnia”. The perfect place to inhalation of upper respiratory tract and rest in the microclimate of underground corridors.
  • Infrared sauna made of Australian red cedar. Infrared rays used in the sauna penetrate the skin to a depth of 4cm. As a consequence they heat a body from inside. A well-planned session in sauna included phases of heating and cooling, will help cleanse the body of toxins. At the same time relaxing music brings ensure mental.
  • Steam bath is a wonderful place to ensure that the condition of the skin. The walls and seat covers Italian glass mosaic. The temperature inside the bath to 45-50oC and the humidity of air reaches 100%. Delicate fragrance oils inhalation relaxes and refreshes.
  • Jacuzzi is the most romantic place in whole Villa Marilor Hotel. Separately located is the perfect place for successful wedding anniversary, family meeting, hen and bachelor night. Effective hydrotherapy and air bubbles gently massages your body. In the same time warm water makes deep muscle penetration.